Now with hookers and beer!

Haven't read in a long while, a new webseries popped up and reminded me.

Started by kendricklamar, Jun 15, 2024, 09:48 PM

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New here in the forum, stopped reading 2 years ago cause I think I got to last part that was updated and I forgot to get back on track. While I stopped reading, something somewhat similar to tails gets trolled appeared in my tiktok for you page,

 :o Guy has a patreon in support for the series and has around 360 members at the time of writing this.  :o
Just wanted to share here and what do other people think about it


Kinda swag tbh. I've gotta figure out how to have my downloader I use download from TikTok.
deez nuts : )
goat ham


"Many people are talking about this!" - trump

idk how similar it is to tgt besides being "weird shitty cringe ms paint XD" but it's good that it reminds people of tgt